Reset cluster for project

Hey all,

I’m currently on Gitlab 11.9. I created a kubernetes cluster on aws eks and successfully connected it to a project and got autodevops working on that project. Before I realized that group-level autodevops was introduced in 11.10, I disconnected the cluster from the first project, connected the cluster at the group level, and attempted to install helm tiller and ingress.

After I realized that the autodevops functionality didn’t exist at the group level for Gitlab 11.9, I disconnected the cluster at the group level and connected it to a different project than the first one. Now, whenever I attempt to install prometheus and gitlab runner, they fail. I’ve looked at the log and got the error remote error: tls: bad certificate.

How do I ‘reset’ my cluster and uninstall any pods/services?

kubectl logs install-prometheus --namespace=gitlab-managed-apps --container=helm

Tells me that Tilller can’t be reached in order to install ‘Prometheus’ and 'Gitlab-runner`:

Client: &version.Version{SemVer:"v2.12.3", GitCommit:"eecf22f77df5f65c823aacd2dbd30ae6c65f186e", GitTreeState:"clean"}
Error: cannot connect to Tiller