Reset/Remove Frequently Used Emoji Reactions?

Is there a way to remove an emoji from the frequently used emoji reactions? I accidentally clicked the wrong emoji and now it seems like there’s no way to undo that. It’s especially annoying because the “thumbs up” emoji and the “hang loose” emoji look so similar that I often choose the wrong one without noticing:


Aside from allowing users to remove or reset the the “Frequently used” list, another way to fix this would be to sort the emojis based on how frequently they were used. Right now I don’t think this is the case since, as far as I can tell, I use the “thumbs up” emoji far more frequently.


I’ve found an issue which says that the setting is cached in a cookie. It is currently stored in a local cookie which you can modify/reset, verified in the Developer Tools > Application in Chrome.


Though, a toggle to reset from the UI in the profile preferences is a good idea. Mind opening a feature proposal? Thanks!


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