Restore removed project


I would like to restore one project I have removed two days ago. As warned when you remove a project,
it is put in a read-only state and can be restored within a few days after removal. I should still be on
time for my project, but I really do not see from where to restore it at

Could you please tell me where to go to do so ?


@deb As long as the namespace that your project is within is on at least a Silver subscription or higher you should be able to restore the project by following the instructions in our documentation.

As an aside, if you are on Silver or higher then it sounds like you’re a customer and I wanted to also point out that because of that you have access to our Support team for issues like this.

Thanks for your reply.

As far as I can see, I could not see my project anywhere, do I need to upgrade my subscription in order to see it ?


@deb There are three possibilities here.

  1. Your namespace is on either Silver or Gold, in which case the project will show up in the list of archived projects (screenshot example) as long as the date of removal hasn’t been reached.
  2. Your namespace is on either Silver or Gold and the project has been permanently deleted because too much time has passed.
  3. Your namespace is not on either Silver or Gold, in which case the project has been permanently deleted.

If you could confirm which subscription tier your namespace is on, whether or not it’s a group or personal namespace, and if you can find the project in the archived projects section of the namespace, that’d be helpful.