Retrieve Gitlab Runner Token

Hi all,

  1. Question about helm gitlab-runner deployment.

    • I tried to deploy a new runner with helm gitlab-runner the runner has been installed successfully, the issue is that when the runner has been restarted, it registers a new runner.
    • I found out that I need to set in the helm values this value “runnerToken” to try to reconnect to the existing runner instead of register a new one.
    • Q: How do I retrieve the runner token that has been created when it was registered.
      for example, my runner got this short token : “b0b78w7s…” how do I get the full runner token?
  2. how can I reconnect disconnected jobs to the runner that has been restarted/delete?


Steve’s responses on Defining runnerToken doesn't work (#115) · Issues · / charts / GitLab Runner · GitLab may be helpful to your issue here.