Reverting Commits closes open Merge Requests to the same branch


We had the following scenario:
Branches A, B, C and main.
Our settings require Pipelines to succeed for a Merge Request to go through.
We had open Merge Requests A → main & B → main.
User JohnDoe messed up and had to revert a commit in his branch C. He did that and opened a Merge Request C → main.
Doing that somehow closed all other open Merge Requests to main.

  1. Opening them shows they were merged by JohnDoe at the same time where he merged his revert commit into main
  2. The pipeline in Merge Request B → main failed, so the Merge should not have been possible
  3. The changes from A and B did not actually go to main!

Obverall, it’s a very weird behaviour. I couldn’t find anything in the docs or the forums and will open a GitLab Issue unless someone knows what may have been the cause?
At the least, the information shown (“merged by JohnDoE” in a Merge Request with a failed pipeline and without the changes actually being merged") is misleading.

Thanks for any input!