Run a test after merging the code

Hello I am a newbie in GitLab ci/cd
I have the project name “cinema” in the namespace “sample” and has branch master and dev
I have the project name “cinema-forked” in the namespace “forked” and this project forked from the “cinema” project and has branch master, dev, new(create from master)
I want to write the ci/cd to do these:
*Condition: Run every time a merge request is received from the new branch of cinema-forked to the master branch of the cinema

  1. Clone, fetch(or something better these) both branches
  2. Merge new(form cinema-forked) to master(cinema)
  3. Test the code after merging with the master
  4. Delete all working directories for the next merge request

The goal is to run a test after merging the code, and if everything is fine, the code reviewer merges the code
In bitbucket, there was a simple button “after_merge” and “before_merge” so we could choose when the test runs, But I can’t find these options in GitLab

So can you please help me?

Can anyone helm me?

Hi @farhaadn,

One way of doing it is to use Merged results pipelines | GitLab which is available in paid tiers. It does what you need automatically for you.

If you are not on paid tier, you could try to create a pipeline configuration on the “cinema” project and use rules to run jobs only for your specific condition. Look at Predefined variables reference | GitLab to see what’s the variables to check.

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Here is a sample .gitlab-ci.yml file that implements the CI/CD workflow you described:

image: node:14.16.0 # or whatever image you need


  • test

stage: test
- git clone http://gitlab-ci-token:${CI_JOB_TOKEN}
- git clone http://gitlab-ci-token:${CI_JOB_TOKEN}
- cd cinema
- git fetch
- git checkout master
- git merge origin/new
- npm install
- npm test # or whatever commands needed to run tests
- cd …
- rm -rf cinema cinema-forked # clean up
- merges # only run when MR is merged
when: manual # allow manual triggering if needed

The key things:

  • Use CI/CD variables like CI_JOB_TOKEN to clone repos
  • Fetch and merge the new branch from the forked repo into master branch
  • Run tests after merge to validate
  • Clean up directories after each run
  • Trigger on merges and allow manual just in case

Let me know if you have any other questions!