Runners : error 500


I installed GitLab-ee on a vps server hosted at OVH and I have some problems with Gitlab-pages and with the Web IDE option.

When I am in the admin space and want to enable the IDE web option, I automatically fall on the 500 error page, no matter what I do. It happens to me almost the same thing for Runners. When I want to go to the runners category in the admin area, I do not even have access to the page because I also fall into error 500.

How to fix that?

How much RAM/Swap does the VPS have?
If you have web access, you can find out
Are there any errors in your logs?
Any errors or systems reported as “down” in the output of:
sudo gitlab-rake gitlab:check

Best Regards,
Greg Myers

If it’s the memory usage, I’ve 3.77Go available and I use just 2.47Go.

I don’t have any error on my logs, I don’t understand why…

Strangely, everything is in “yes” or “finished” except for an option that is in “no” which is “Database contains orphaned GroupMembers”.

Hi @Zarkrom

Sounds like everything is in order, although I’m somewhat surprised you’re not getting any errors in the logs.

I’d suggest running:
sudo gitlab-ctl upgrade
sudo gitlab-ctl restart

If that doesn’t help, enter the command:
sudo gitlab-ctl tail
duplicate the issue while that command is running, and then copy/paste the output here.

Best Regards,
Greg M