Running GitLab on a low resource machine

I’m running GitLab on EC2 t2.micro instance. This installation is solely used only for backup purpose.

I’m aware of the GitLab S3 backup configuration, which works fine, but does a full backup (not differential). I’m using this for daily backup.

To have a more fine grained differential backup outside my premise, I’ve taken a EC2 t2.micro machine with GitLab and using cron job I keep doing git pull origin and git push backupserver --mirror every 5 minutes.

I also understand that my machine’s hardware resources are less than the recommended requirements for GitLab CE. This is where I need help.

After doing the following change I’m able access GitLab portal more reliably:
unicorn[‘worker_timeout’] = 120
unicorn[‘worker_processes’] = 1
Before this change, I usually got 502 error in my portal.

Is there some other configuration that I can change to make this experience more smooth?
For example, GitLab runs 7 processes: gitlab-workhorse, logrotate, nginx, postgresql, redis, sidekiq, unicorn. Since I’m using only the “git repository” feature on this machine, may be I can stop some of the services that are not required for my backup machine.

Currently, sometimes while doing git push backupserver I get timeout message. I’m not worried if git push is slow, but it should not fail.

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