Running Powershell .ps1 file hosted in GitLab in a Windows Workstation

We’re new in GitLab and we’re integrating it with our Service Management Deployment process.
Basically, we have .ps1 files hosted in GitLab where we can edit collectively via commits. These files will be installing software for our clients or even setting up the machines. We would want to run these files hosted in GitLab directly into the workstation. Is this idea remotely possible for GitLab?

Ideally, process will be:

  1. We host .ps1 files in GitLab Repo
  2. We edit the .ps1 files in GitLab Repo via collaboration through repo clone, commits, push and pull actions.
  3. We run these .ps1 files hosted in GitLab Repo in Windows Workstation for deployment / TS purposes via whichever path possible to run.

Any help to achieve this is very much appreciated.