Running same Job with different Values

Hi there!
We’re using managed GitLab, and using it for our CI and deploying to K8S using Helm.
In one of our projects, I defined last stage (deploy) of the pipeline with manual triggering.
The steps that we’re doing, are:

  • Taping on the manual triggered job/stage
  • Entering values for different variables
  • Clicking on “Trigger this manual action”

The job runs, working as expected and doing it’s job. But then, I need to retry this specific deploy step/job, with different values, the way I’m doing it now in Gitlab UI, is like that:

  • Entering the finished job of Deploy
  • Taping on “Retry” button
  • After it, tapping “Cancel this job” when the process starts
  • In the Job tab, tapping on the “Retry” button to make this step clickable once again as “manual job” that must be clicked, and where I could put new values.

This is SUPER non intuitive , and I guess there’s another way to do it in GitLab.
Could you please help with it?