SAASPASS 2fa is broken after update. I'm locked out of my account

:peace_symbol: I am no longer able to access my very active account due to the 2fa application I’d always used being utterly useless due its latest upgrade. SAASPASS is the app to which I refer; I’ve tried every way possible to restore its functionality but it simply does not work. So I am asking for any help I may receive on just how do I login without my current saaspass 2fa. Thank-you to all of you. :purple_heart:

Edit: I should add that I’m currently signed in via a throwaway GitHub account. Which isn’t, at least for me, something I want to be doing.

Is yours an on-prem installation, or you are on

I’m currently using; my local install is not currently available due to a move in residence. Edit: also I use GitKraken due its lower mem footprint.

Please contact Support using our Support Portal and we can get you logged back in!

The support GitLab provides is amazing. I’ve replied to your most recent email. This level of support was never available at GitHub.

Why is this process taking so long? And why when I tell you I no longer know my last IP address due to a change in residences & that SSH is not an option, am I asked for those things… again. Also I’d love to know why those of us with fully open groups essentially are punished because we can’t tell you the name of a private group. Edit: Please help me to understand, really, because I was here before micro$oft bought GitHub. Please tell me. :: why it’s still listed as my address in AdGuard Pro on my phone, I’ve no idea. But there it is.

Edit: Since that’s no longer my IP, I’m posting it both here & in the email I just sent.

Edit 2 I know my emails have adapted a tone of absolute frustration, but how would you feel?