Safari does not load merge request detail page

In latest version of Safari (4608., the merge request page does not load and opening the developer console shows an error in sentry lib. Please see screenshot

I’m guessing I’m not the only one using Safari? :slight_smile: Does anyone else have the same problem?

I’m not on my mac right now, but I’d be interested in the version of GitLab you’re using ( or self-hosted, and either way, /help with the version).


Hi Michael,

I’m using I checked in Chrome and it works fine. I tested in Safari without any extensions and I’m getting the same issue.


ok, this seems to be specific to Safari on macOS, iOS works fine here on my ipad. Can you open a new issue on the bug tracker with the collected details? Also, please extract with the version where you are seeing this behavior.


Thank you, will do that

Same problem here on MacOS. Opened an issue:

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