Save data in yaml file located in private gitlab repository


I’m currently developing a platform using MEAN stack. This platform consists of deploying applications which each one of those apps are stored in private GitLab repository. In this platform I have a page like this one:

When I click on the button “submit” the data typed in the Form are saved in a file named “values.yaml” which is contained in each project to deploy (all the projects are composed by files with .yaml extension).

That is to say, it will edit the values.yaml file in the project to be deployed and insert the values entered in the form into specific lines on that file.

Please Note: The projects are stored in local GitLab server which have specific parameters (login and password , @IP…)

and the access to the GitLab interface is done by this way http://(@IP of GitLab server) and then I should sign in with specific parameters to access the interface which contains the list of projects (steps are listed on the previous demo). So I would like to know which steps should I follow to achieve that using Nodejs & Express if there’s a possible way and also I’m wondering if should I have previous access to the GitLab server throught ssh in my case or not needed.

Thanks in advance!