Says we don't have a plan, but we have a plan!

For our gitlab group here our-sci · GitLab, we’re getting a notification that our plan is about to run out, it says " Your subscription will expire on 2023-01-18 Your Opensource subscription for our-sci will expire on 2023-01-18. After it expires, you can’t use merge approvals, code quality, or many other features.". However, we received the docusign docs to sign for the plan in Nov and signed in early Jan.

We use a lot of tools and I don’t want to suddenly lose work, but can’t seem to figure out how to solve the issue since everything has already been completed.

Could someone check the status of our plan, and confirm that we did submit the correct paperwork, or perhaps provide that last step again?

have you put a ticket in well today is 2-18/23 i think you need to redeem you plan or it is a glich idk sorry if i did not helo

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Thanks for reporting. I’ll share internally with the team to check back with you.