On one of the GitLab’s promotional pages i noticed this statement GitLab was created as a tool for larger organizations from the start.

Is there anyone out there, who actually used it for an organization of at least 50+ active users? It doesn’t have to be all in the same repo.

We plan to have about 120 active users in about 100 ‘internal’ repositories, working in agile fashion against one central GitLab instance. Can anyone share their experiences with server stability, performance, or other scalability concerns ?

i’ve seen some references on the web about Ruby on Rails performance/scalability issues, and wonder how/if that may impact our GitLab server instance under a heavy load.

Here are some statistics after using Gitlab for a year at our company:

  • 414 projects
  • 238 users
  • 63 groups
  • latest backup is 21Gb
  • Newrelic reports an average web response time under 200ms.

Gitlab is running on a hyper-v server that hosts another 100 virtual machines, it has allocated 2 CPU cores and 4Gb of memory.

The main problem that we have is disk io, the requests for the automerge check will sometimes timeout, depends heavily on the size of commits. We are planning to migrate the storage to SSD.

This is mentioned in the requirements:

the speed of GitLab is mainly limited by hard drive seek times.

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