Schema change for Omnibus install

I have an omnibus install of Gitlab-CE, 7.9.4. By default, I’d like tag-push-events to be on for all webhooks. In a previous version I was able to do this by modifying the schema.rb to reflect something like:

t.boolean “tag_push_events”, default: true

However since moving from a source install to the packaged version, I’m not sure where (if) I can do this? Any ideas?

Hm. Well I hacked my way around it. The end result I needed was all tag push events to trigger a system webhook by default (not have to specify it per project). Ended up using a trigger on the table in postgresql, if anyone is interested

I doubt this is the best way to do it, but…

gitlabhq_production=# CREATE FUNCTION set_tag_push_events() RETURNS trigger AS $$
gitlabhq_production$# BEGIN
gitlabhq_production$# NEW.tag_push_events = true;
gitlabhq_production$# RETURN NEW;
gitlabhq_production$# END;
gitlabhq_production$# $$ LANGUAGE plpgsql;
gitlabhq_production=# CREATE TRIGGER tag_push_trigger BEFORE INSERT ON web_hooks FOR EACH ROW EXECUTE PROCEDURE set_tag_push_events();