Searching commits by author returns empty result set

Dear all,

I’m using GitLab Community Edition 13.8.3.

When I search commits on gitlab by author name the result set is empty for some authors:

As you can see below the user “vermeul” committed to this branch:

For some authors I get the correct results, but not for all. I compared the corresponding account settings and they appear to be setup the same way.

Is this a bug? Internet search on google or here in the forum did not find anything.


Hi, no that’s not what you are searching for. The dropdown box for Author is to select a particular person. The box next to it clearly says “Search by message”. This means, the text in the commit message field.

Therefore, if you selected vermeul as the author from the author drop-down box, and then in the “search by message” field wrote “update readme” it would find the commit that you showed above.