Searching for function implementation

We use gitlab at work to house hundreds of projects. Many projects consume rpms generated by other gitlab projects. Our recent gitlab update gave us Advanced Search, which allows us to search across projects. That is helpful, but the docs aren’t helping me find a specific function definition.

In my case I am trying to find definition(s) for function proc_get_feature_bit. I used Advanced Search, but I ended up with 20 tabs worth of full and partial matches of calls to things resembling proc_get_feature_bit, but I only want definitions.

I scanned all 20 pages, and on about page 19 I found what I was after.

It would be a big time saver if I could filter the results down to just function definitions. And that is my question: How can I search across projects for proc_get_feature_bit, but only see function definition(s)?

Many thanks