Secret Detection at organization level

Hi, got a question regarding secret detection at the organization level:
What is a possible solution to scan & report secrets at the organizational level on with multiple repos?

Knowing that secrete detection ( seems to support a repository use case only. Am I missing anything?


I just made some experiences trying out the ULTIMATE trial and it seems to me that you can view the Security Dashboard and Vulnerability Reports on organization level (top-level group or subgroup) but you cannot, so to say, centrally configure/force the security scanners on that level for the underlaying projects. For that I have only found the solution to configure them via an automatic merge request (Security & Compliance / Configuration) or manually in the .gitlab-ci.yml, but only on project level. Additionally it seems, that you have to add the projects you would like to appear on the security dashboards and reports manually. - Hope this helps.

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