`Secure Connection Failed` error creating a new file

Using GitLab version on Windows v16.9.3-ee

I’m trying to use the New file option in the web administrator of a repository (-/new/main). However it fails consistently with a Secure Connection Failed error in Firefox (PR_CONNECT_RESET_ERROR) and Edge browsers (I simply stopped testing other browsers since this does not seem to be a browser issue).

Anyway, the test case for reproducing is to go to the root of my repository and choose the New file option (which redirects to the -/new/main page). I give the file a name of test.md and copy the contents of the Daring Fireball: Markdown Syntax Documentation webpage (just visit the page and choose the select all right-click option and then copy) to paste into the new file contents. The error also appears if using the content of this webpage to replace the file contents of an existing file in the repository.

I have other content that fails in this same way so this test case is not isolated to the test webpage I provided. Just wondering if others see this error on their GitLab instance.

thank you