Security patches

Please help me to answer where could i find security patches (not upgrades to newer version) for gitlab community version 13.12.9 local install to ensure that all fixes are done
according to new vulnerabilities found in article

where all versions even newest versions of gitlab CE are involved
How to fix them

See this post: CVE-2021-22205: How to determine if a self-managed instance has been impacted

you will have to upgrade your Gitlab server you cannot just patch your existing version and still remain at 13.12.9.

Ok but this vulnerability also 14.0.4 version of gitlab CE inflluences so what version should avoid all

Hi @anatoli :wave:

Security fixes are shipped in new releases. We also backport security fixes to the previous two monthly releases in addition to the current stable release. There are too many moving parts for us to backport, test, and ship security hotpatches for all old minor version and patch release versions of GitLab.

To ensure you have all the latest security patches, I suggest upgrading to the latest version of GitLab and planning to update it at least once a month moving forward. The GitLab Security team responds very quickly to any vulnerability reports they receive, and vulnerability details are only publicly disclosed after a security patch release has been made available for a month or more.

At time of writing, the latest security patch release was 14.4.1 and latest version of GitLab is 14.5.