Security Questions (URGENT)

Pretty much I logged into my GitLab account the other day, and I noticed a few things, that there was a session open that was not my IP address (i saw three, one was my brother’s house, another my phone, and a third I didn’t know from an unknown IP, have removed), and I saw an API key with GitLab API access labeled Glasnost (deleted the API key)

and I found I was enrolled into GitLab next program for no reason, (note, I have not signed on in about a month, and all of my other computers are turned off)

EDIT: I DO HAVE 2fA enabled on my account,

Hi @Merith-TK.

Please create a Support Ticket here and select “Contact the Security team” from the “Choose the reason your are reaching out to us today” dropdown. This will engage the GitLab Security team who will be able to assist in investigating this further.