Seed gitlab instance with sample users, issues, etc

I have been looking to perform some development/testing of a third-party client interacting with GitLab using available REST APIs. For this work, I would spawn a Docker image of GitLab, manually create some users, groups, projects, issues, etc. on the instance and work as expected.

When browsing GitLab’s documentation, stumbled a possible feature to seed a GitLab database with millions of users, etc. using a MASS_INSERT option. This option appears to use development fixtures to populate this data. I have tried a couple of ways to seed a GitLab instance uses these fixutures; however, I have had no luck with my attempts (e.g. trying to trigger rake gitlab:setup fails due to either services using the database, failing to create databases due to permission, etc.).

Anyone know if its possible to easily seed a stock installation with this data?

This may not be a good usecase for you. But I’ve been using the ruby api client LabClient (and some generator helpers built-in). To seed my test instances for some time now.