Self-hosted runners do not pick up pipelines

We have Gitlab ee 13.7.0 running on Ubuntu 20.04.1 and it works excellent :slight_smile: We now wanted to allow it running tests. On the same LAN we have a Windows 10 machine running gitlab-runner 13.7.0 as shared runners. Although we can see the runners as available (green circle) in the CI/CD settings of the repositories pipelines are not picked up until they time out.

Runners are manually installed and we do not use any dockers.

registering the runner using this line:
gitlab-runner register --url http://gitlab.rubidium.local --registration-token aaaaa --executor shell --run-untagged true --locked=False

This is the .gitlab-ci.yml

# This file is a template, and might need editing before it works on your project.
# use the official gcc image, based on debian
# can use verions as well, like gcc:5.2
# see
image: gcc

  stage: build
  # instead of calling g++ directly you can also use some build toolkit like make
  # install the necessary build tools when needed
  # before_script:
  #   - apt update && apt -y install make autoconf
- g++ helloworld.cpp -o mybinary
  - mybinary
  # depending on your build setup it's most likely a good idea to cache outputs to reduce the build time
  # cache:
  #   paths:
  #     - "*.o"

# run tests using the binary built before
  stage: test
- ./

Whenever a new pipeline is waiting to be picked up - nothing happens. Several minutes later we get a mail saying pipeline failed due to time out.

Please advise,
Asaf Add
QA and DevOps