Self hosted with ssl offload registry not working

Hi There.
I set up gitlab in kubernetes with helm chart 5.1.2. In kubernetes i user haproxy with wildcard default certificate, so i don’t need certs in ingress. I configured in the values that i don’t use ssl, because of my wildcard default cert. Gitlab is spinning up and working fine then with ssl.


  • I recognized that the git clone url is only with http not https => where can i change that ?


  • Container registry: I wasn’t able to make a docker login to my gitlab registry until i changed the configmap for the registry and changed the url config.auth.token from http to https … than it’s fine

Package registry: I’m not able to to push a nuget package to the registry. I checked with pat and also with deploy token … not working. I checked pat with git clone that’s working. I tried a curl like this "curl --header “PRIVATE-TOKEN: " https://gilab.cluster.local/api/v4/groups/3/-/packages/nuget/index.json” but i get always a 401. Same if i user a url for project. Some ideas ?