Self-hosted with Tanzu Kubernetes Grid

Hi all

I am trying to find information whether I will be able to use GitLab (and it’s CI/CD) to deploy containers to TKG uninhibited. I don’t have a premium license on my self-hosted version. So will this feature be a license restriction or will I be able to use it?

All my research so far shows How-Tos and blog posts, but none of them explicitly says whether I will be able to use it or not.

I would appreciate any help I can get.
Thank you so much!


I’ve deployed to OpenShift with Gitlab CE using CI/CD and Helm. I don’t have experience of Tanzu, but since it’s also Kubernetes like OpenShift, I don’t see it being a problem.

Thank you for the reply @iwalker . I don’t foresee any issues either, but I just wanted a confirmation, especially on the licensing front.

thank you again!

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