Self-Managed Gitlab 16.6 EE missing Infrastructure Menu

I just deploy Gitlab ee version 16.6 on Kubernetes Cluster using Helm Chart.
All pods state is Running. Successfully login using root, but I cannot see Infrastructure Menu on left-side bar.

Normally, it should appear right here :

Am I missing some parameter setting during installation ?

Appreciate for suggestion.

Your first screenshot is the admin area menu, so it doesn’t appear there. Clicking the Gitlab logo in the top left hand corner to exit admin mode, and then selecting a project will show you that icon. Although in 16.6.x is named as “Operate” and not “Infrastructure”.

Thanks @iwalker , I found it :slight_smile:

Little bit confused, cause those menu is changed.
In our 14.9 version, it’s also appear in Admin area, named Kubernetes

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Yeah the new menu changes meant things got renamed or put in different locations :slight_smile: