Service Desk - Best setup on

Hi all,

We’re starting to make use of Service Desk for some of our projects and I’m wanting to set it up in smart way with a good process. Here is what I’m doing and I’d love to hear some feedback if anyone has better ideas.

Use case:

  • Non-Profit organization with 30+ projects.
  • 1 paid plan for a group (with limited seats for developers and key staff)
  • 1 free group with multiple sub-groups and projects (to accommodate 30+ non-technical staff who are primarily submitting feature requests and bug reports a few times a year)
  • Many projects have web contact forms that relay to a staff email address
  • Need ticket management for support requests from the public.

Proposed Solution

  • New Group called: Support
  • Each project has a project in this Support Group eg. Support > Project 1 Support , Support > Project 2 Support etc.
  • Each of these projects is a repository for a Hugo based documentation page for that project
  • Each of these projects has Service Desk turned on.
  • Staff assigned to each project are added as members to the appropriate projects here.
  • Staff triage support requests, and assign to appropriate developers as necessary.
  • If it is a significant issue/feature request then it is moved to the appropriate project repository and out of Support.
  • Contact forms on web applications will send mail to the appropriate Service Desk


  • Spam controls are set up on the web contact forms to limit the amount that is passed through
  • GitLab says that Askimet can be used, but it seems that it can’t in (only instances). Would love to hear otherwise.

Testing Needed

  • Branding & templates: are the templates and branding right so that users aren’t confused
  • Process: Is the workflow for anonymous users, staff and developers in ongoing conversations clear and match expected skill levels.

Note: I created a first trial within a pre-existing project and it worked smoothly. After moving it to a new project I have yet to get it functioning, even after putting in the appropriate incoming emails. I’ll update this when it is resolved, but there might be some controls for new projects I am unaware of.

Thank you brain1!

Its amazing and well explain.