Service desk email sender config

When the service desk replies, it sends to the recipient + a fixed email (a former admin that is blocked)

I have looked everywhere in gitlab.rb, but no trace of this email config. Any idea ?


Hi, according to the Gitlab docs, you find the config under the project itself under Settings → General → Service Desk.

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thanks for the tip. Unfortunately this config is for incoming email not for the sender side. I have no idea from where the TO adress is taken?

These are all config options I see in /etc/gitlab/gitlab.rb:

root@gitlab:/etc/gitlab# cat gitlab.rb | grep -i "service_desk"
# gitlab_rails['service_desk_email_enabled'] = false
# gitlab_rails['service_desk_email_address'] = "contact_project+%{key}"
# gitlab_rails['service_desk_email_email'] = ""
# gitlab_rails['service_desk_email_password'] = "[REDACTED]"
# gitlab_rails['service_desk_email_mailbox_name'] = "inbox"
# gitlab_rails['service_desk_email_idle_timeout'] = 60
# gitlab_rails['service_desk_email_log_file'] = "/var/log/gitlab/mailroom/mail_room_json.log"
# gitlab_rails['service_desk_email_host'] = ""
# gitlab_rails['service_desk_email_port'] = 993
# gitlab_rails['service_desk_email_ssl'] = true
# gitlab_rails['service_desk_email_start_tls'] = false

So perhaps it’s assigned here although you mention you checked that. Failing that, perhaps it because the blocked user on your system is still an admin. Perhaps remove his “admin” privileges even if he is disabled/blocked. Obviously, make sure your own user, eg: your login has admin privileges before removing his admin privileges unless of course you are using the root user to administer.

The other place to check is in the admin panel under users, and see which users are registered on the system - because I expect a user here has that email address if that is the case.

Thanks !! :fireworks: :fireworks:

The admin was in fact having multiple secondary emails which one of them was the culprit and assigned to the helpdesk repo.
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