Service Desk not working

Service desk doesn’t receive emails for certain project.

It worked perfectly for months, now it stopped working.

Using Saas Gitlab.

I ran into this problem on .com (SaaS) within 12 months.

At that time I found they changed the email address from incoming+ to contact-project+ while I am not sure if this is relevant and have no time to verify it.

@rvoelkel Can you check?

I checked and I’m using the contact-project+ address.

Oddly enough the Service Desk received an issue from my private email account, but not from my business account.

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Thanks for your answer. I am now super busy, and will take a look next week!

Thanks for your help, but it suddenly works again for my client.

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@rvoelkel I am glad to hear from you! You should ask support to investigate MailGun error!