Set external url to https without certificate

I’m running a gitlab ce server in a docker container with other docker containers on a vserver. I use nginx in a docker container as reverse proxy. Only ports to reverse proxy are forwarded from host and the reverse proxy forwards the request to the other containers. All request to the reverse proxy to port 80 are redirected to port 443. Reverse proxy manages ssl. Connection from reverse proxy to gitlab is on port 80 and I have no certificate for gitlab container. Now I want to set external_url in gitlab.rb. When I set to (it was commented out) it works. When I set to, I can’t open the page. I get “to many redirects”. Is it possible to set external_url to https without adding certificates to this container?

GitLab’s NGINX settings page explains how to set up this common configuration:

"By default NGINX will auto-detect whether to use SSL if external_url contains https://. If you are running GitLab behind a reverse proxy, you may wish to terminate SSL at another proxy server or load balancer. To do this, be sure the external_url contains https:// and apply the following configuration to gitlab.rb:

nginx[‘listen_port’] = 80
nginx[‘listen_https’] = false"