Setting merge request approvals at group level as premium tier


I have read in this documentation (Manage groups | GitLab) that Premium user could define setting for merge request approval at a group level. My organization is currently using a Premium tier on Gitlab SaaS but we don’t have access to this feature.

Is the doc invalid and this feature is available for ultimate only ? Or is it not deployed yet ? Or is it a known bug on your side ?

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Hi Axel,

Interesting. I just have checked on my Premium instance and it is available, but only on the top-level group (not subgroups). In the official docs they state as well:

Group approval settings manage project merge request approval settings at the top-level group level. These settings cascade to all projects that belong to the group.

Sooo it could be it really works just only on top level group. Could you check that?

If not, I believe you could open a support ticket for this, as you are a Premium customer :slight_smile:

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Sorry, I can’t check at the top level group since I’m not the owner of the group.
The doc is indeed not very clear about this.

Since defining something at the top level group isn’t what we are looking for since we would like to set different approval rules depending of the child group (different teams/different projects).

I can’t understand how this feature was designed without taking into consideration the sub group possibility. I will wait an answer from someone from Gitlab team before opening a ticket for a bug.


Any update about this?

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When I go to a top level group I see the approval rules for things like preventing the author from approving, and for taking actions to clear approvals on a new commit. What I don’t see is any way to set a minimum number of approvals before a merge can be done. This field is completely missing, and is really needed. Am I missing something?