Setting up a 'recurring issue'?

Is there a way to set up a ‘recurring issue’, or an issue that re-creates itself on a regular (configurable) interval? I’m using Gitlab in a primarily-meatspace environment, mostly for the ‘Issues’ functionality, and we’re having to manually create Issues every week for manual tasks that we can’t automate yet. If there’s a way to automate the creation of the Issues around these tasks (even a simple ‘duplicate this issue and assign it to this milestone!’ command would be amazing) I’d be most grateful if someone could clue me into it.



there’s a feature request for this where I’d recommend adding your feedback to:

From a technical layer, I could think of GitLab CI schedules which communicate with the REST API and create issues from their job tasks.

Another idea would be creating a bot like GitLab itself has on - &

Actually this uses the CI pipeline schedule idea :wink: