Setting up gitlab ci runners on CENTOS 6 has no documentation?

I’ve searched for documentation on how to set up gitlab ce, and gitlab ci… all with great success with omnibus. I’ve both running perfectly on my apache/Centos 6 vps. The last problem seems to be something I cannot overcome without asking, though. How do you, step by step, set up multirunners? I’ve followed this tutorial : … when it comes to registering the runner there simply is no information on how to do so!

It calls for a token of some kind, it calls for other things as well, none of which I have nor is explained how to get. I found some information here :!topic/gitlabhq/sIdwjc0YWdA but it appears to just be for debian.

There also seems to be no script for CENTOS?

I hope I am just not looking in the right place. Could someone please advise?

The runner token can be found in the CI if you visit a project and then go to the Runners tab on the left.

The multi-ci-runner is written in go, thus is kind of OS agnostic, so it should play with CentOS 6.

In order to register a runner you run gitlab-runner register and follow the interactive steps. From those steps it is created the config file which is at /etc/gitlab-runner/config.toml and you can also edit by hand without running register. How this file works is documented in

After you set it up you run gitlab-runner start and the service is started. You can see the options supported with gitlab-runner -h.

You are right this should be documented more clearly.