Setup of GitLab with NetBeans

I need help in taking the first step in my development. A website (PHP/MySQL) was built for me and I want to take over development for myself in a new project that will replace the original.

I have registered an account with GitLab. (Eventually, other users will participate in the development.) I have installed and registered NetBeans. (I understand that NetBeans has full Git capability and that I will not need to use any form of Git Bash program.)

In case it is relevant, I will carry out the development and testing of the new project on a separate website package that I have purchased from my web hosting supplier.

I have pulled down all of the files from the existing site into a folder on my C: drive. For now, I want to focus on one file (index.php) and, when I can get this Git stuff to work, I can quickly include all the others.

Clearly, the repository will reside on GitLab so I have created an empty project there – but how do I start?

Do I:

a) Use Git Bash (or a similar git program) to upload my file (index.php) to GitLab. Then in NetBeans, “clone” the repository down into NetBeans? And, if so, I presume that I must setup a new project in NetBeans, using a new folder – NOT the one where the pulled down files reside?


b) Do I start with NetBeans and create a project pointing to a new folder on my C: drive where I have placed a copy of my index.php – and then try to connect it to my GitLab repo and push the file up?

i.e. (short version) do I start in GitLab and pull down to Netbeans – or vice versa?

Presently I am going in circles in trying to get this started and will be very grateful to receive any pointers.

Thank you.

Robin Donald