Show issue after creating in mattermost via slash command

On previous versions of gitlab ce omnibus, when creating issues in mattermost via slash command, the created issue would display immediately after creating, and that no longer happens. There is a notice from the bot that the issue has been created with the issue number and project, and they link to the gitlab issue, but it was helpful to show the task on creation. Is there a way to configure anything to make that happen again?

Not sure where / what changed but basically it appears GitLab returns the data to Mattermost from the slash command execution as “ephemeral” (or not set which ephemeral is default). Thus it is shown as “visible to user only”.

See Slash output "Only visible to you" - #9 by etlweather - Integrations and Apps - Mattermost Discussion Forums for some info on this.

I am not sure if it is possible to change this somehow of it is a code change in GitLab that is needed.

I am personally still on version 13 and I don’t know if it is the same on the most recent version.