Show parent subgroups breadcrumb navigation UI broken

There seems to be an issue on at least Safari 14 and up on various macOS versions where the subgroup breadcrumb navigation drop-down no longer renders correctly. Hovering it shows the tooltip and clicking it starts to show the navigation drop-down, but something seems wrong with the CSS causing it to be mostly hidden behind other elements and not clickable.

You can see the tooltip showing (the mouse cursor is hovering the 3-dots navigation element), clicking it shows the top of the drop-down getting rendered underneath everything below it, and a scrollbar appears on the right side. Seems to be a z-index and overflow thing? This is on


Your best bet, would be to open an issue here: / GitLab · GitLab

That was where I started, but then the template suggested opening a forum topic first :smile:
Anyhow, I’ll create an issue and link it in for future reference.

It probably requires dev intervention to fix it, if a particular browser isn’t working. Since the Gitlab repo is where the development work is done for gitlab-ce or gitlab-ee, that would be the place to do it. Dev problems wouldn’t be resolved in this forum as such.