Sidekiq job error - ArgumentError: Missing required arguments: aws_access_key_id, aws_secret_access_key

Currently have a self hosted Gitlab instance running on K8 (Version 15), and am currently getting an error with one of the jobs in Sidekiq (the other jobs seem to be running fine):

It appears to be Ci::BuildTraceChunkFlushWorker job. I assume there is a setting from the helm chart I am missing maybe, buts its unclear which one from the error.

Any pointers as to why this job is after AWS credentials (and where in the helm chart it needs to be set) would be much appreciated.

This error appears to occur anytime we run a CI/CD pipeline.

Found the issue, it seems there was a setting missing - use_iam_profile: true which needs to be set in the K8 secret for object storage.