Sidekiq routing wildcard doesn't cover cronjob:pipeline_schedule

Running 15.11 in an omnibus container.

I’m trying the sidekiq configuration directly from the gitlab docs.

sidekiq['enable'] = true
sidekiq['queue_selector'] = false

sidekiq['routing_rules'] = [
   ["feature_category=global_search", "global_search"],
   ["*", "default"],

sidekiq['queue_groups'] = [
   "global_search", # process that listens to global_search queue
   "default,mailers" # process that listens to default and mailers queue

sidekiq['min_concurrency'] = 20
sidekiq['max_concurrency'] = 20

I’ve reconfigured and then ran the migration rake command. The one thing that I’m finding amiss, is that there are jobs still being enqueued to the cronjob:pipeline_schedule queue. Somehow the wildcard rule doesn’t direct those jobs to the default queue. Is this like mailers in that it cannot be routed by routing rules? Or is this unexpected behavior?