Sign in directly with an omniauth provider when several are configured


We have a self managed gitlab 16.7 with 2 OIDC omniauth providers to authenticates users.

When they go to the /users/sign_in page, they got 2 buttons to choose which provider to use for authentication.

Both communities have an application portal and I would like to make their gitlab bookmark select a specific provider directly from the bookmark.

Looking at the network console of my firefox, I see a POST to /users/auth/first_oidc_provider when I click on the first provider but is there a way to trigger directly the authentication on either provider ?


I tried to look at the code and found no way to pass the provider at the signin page to smooth the user experience.

I would like an URL like https://gitlab.example/users/sign_in?provider=first_oidc_provider and skip the multi provider page selection.

Any idea? Should I open an issue?


I think it may be related to #196143.