Sign up to a group

Hello together,

we’re using our corporate GitLab in multiple multi-company projects, where we don’t know every single user up front and thus don’t know to which groups to assign.

Because of that it would be very nice, if the signing up user could provide some information, to which group / project he/she would like to sign up.

Is there a group / project specific sign up link, we could provide a user.?
Or is there a way to give the signing up user an additional text field, so that he/she may provide a hint to which groups he/she wants to sign up?
A third option would be to just show a list of internal groups with the option to request access, but without the right to see internals (especially issues, code, …).

Would be really happy about any hint how to achieve this :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,


Hi @warwing
will something like this work for you?

Hi @balonik,

sorry for the late reply - eMail was in spam folder…

I’ve read the group documentation - but I don’t see something that would help - that’s why I’m searching for help here :slight_smile: