Simple deploy task for bash scripts project on remote server


I start a Gitlab self hosted internally and first projects are shell scripts for IT.
I added a CI with a linter (shellcheck) via a local runner-shell (not recommanded but very few actions currently and CI jobs are max 2 secs)

I would now start some auto deploy tasks to send the script on test folder automatically.
What are the recommand method(s) please ?

I could have a nfs share, but maybe some rights problem, and not happy to mount this here.
i’ve seen in the doc some things about ssh deploy, but not understand all the needed steps and prerequisites.

For me the manual task should be :

  • copy files from my workdir to remote server in a specific folder (like /xxx/admin_scripts_test/)
  • apply chmod/chown/chgrp

Thx for the advices.

(Please, is there is other suggestions on whiwh test could be added with only bash script to make CI/CD demo is welcome too.
I have no functionnal testing, not always possible, or currently really more complicated to write than the small script :slight_smile: )

Another note, in a second test environment, i could install the ci runner via docker (not done currently).
I don’t know if this will change the deploy task or logic.