Slack commands integration give 404

I’m trying to setup Slack Command (Slack Notifications are already working) for a GitLab project.
GitLab provides my with an URL to which the commands should be posted:


However, when I finish/save the configuration and try a command in Slack I get a 404 error.
When I try the given URL directly in a browser or with a POST request from phpStorm (REST client) I get an 404 error. So the API endpoint seems not available.

Am I missing some setting in GitLab to enable this API endpoint or might this be an issue with the new 8.15 release?



In addition to this testing the integration is disabled (“Please setup a project repository”) and even the service description api endpoint returns {"error":"service_slug does not have a valid value"}

Perhaps a misconfiguration at

I’m also seeing this as title when I hover my mouse over the “Test Settings” button at the configuration of this service.
However… I’m already in the services settings for a specific project/repository, so why is it asking to setup a project repository?

I’m using GitLab CE at a private VPS btw.

Looks like we were a bit too hasty :slight_smile:

You can monkey patch it in your private installation.

Waited for the Slack integration for a while, so I really wanted to try this out :grinning:.
Thanks for the heads-up, but I think I’ll wait out the 8.15.1 patch :slight_smile:.

Was told a 8.15.1 patch with this fix will be available today! (blog comments of the 8.15 release:

Will this also solve the “test changes” button? When I hover over it, it reads “setup a project repository.” Which is odd since I’m getting up the slack slash command for a specific repository since our gitlab instance is multihosted with other groups.

Not sure if the patch is the full patch, but changing these files by hand and ‘reconfigure’ & ‘restart’ did not solve problem. With “Test” or “404”.

Yeah, looks like the commit didn’t fix the issue after all. 8.15.1 is up at and the same issue still exists.

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Please note that the issue maybe ‘shown’ easier if you hover over the ‘test’ button after you save – BTW, shouldn’t the test button show up before save??

Hovering over the test button, it shows: “Please setup a project repository” which seems to indicate there is a missing check somewhere, doing this setup within a specific project with a repo already.

Also installed at our local VPS, 8.15.1 does indeed not fix the problem.

I am experiencing the same problem. There is an issue regarding this on

Patch 8.15.2 don’t fix the issue.

I updated to Gitlab CE 8.15.2 and I am still getting a 404 with this,the patch did not seem to fix the problem.

GitLab CE 8.15.3 also doesn’t fix the issue.

Patch 8.15.3 (GitLab CE) is working for me :slight_smile:

/command help

You’re right! I got a time-out on the first try, but after re-entering the details I got it working too.
Thank you GitLab!