[Solved] Cannot alter repos after upgrading from 8.9 - 8.10

I have a source install that was rather successful in 8.9. However, I cannot seem to clone, push, or checkout the repos since I upgrade to 8.10.

I ran the bundle check command and it reported no errors with green on everything.

All the commit data and issues/branches from the 8.9 install are visible and I can even download the zip of the repo.

I’m sure this is something silly I failed to do. Let me know if you need any more info!

-Hunter A.

Update: I created a test repo on my gitlab and tried to add a README and push the commit. I got the following:

allenh1@localhost ~/Test
$ git push
Username for 'http://allen-software.com': allenh1
Password for 'http://allenh1@allen-software.com': 
remote: HTTP Basic: Access denied
fatal: Authentication failed for 'http://allen-software.com/gitlab/allenh1/Test.git/'


Solution: I replaced my init script with the new one. As I have a relative url going, I broke it inadvertently by not redirecting the workhorse.

I’m getting the same after an upgrade. Not sure what you mean by replacing the init script with the new one. I did have issues with workhorse and apache not configured properly so i think its related but not sure what exact config i should be looking to make other auth take precendence.

Turns out I think my problem was with the various authentication mechanisms available on the install. Both LDAP and SHIBBOLETH login methods were enabled and I had a unique gitlab account associated with each login method (they weren’t linked/connected). I had to delete the accounts, login via LDAP, connect with shibboleth to get things working.

More info: I first logged in to gitlab with SHIB so my initial gitlab account associated with the SHIB login had the correct username. Somewhere along the lines I logged in with LDAP. The gitlab account associated with the LDAP login had a username appended with the number one (i.e. SHIB account’s username was ‘user’ and LDAP account’s username was ‘user1’). Each account, however, would authenticate properly with ‘user’ (just using the different method). It is important to note that both LDAP and SHIB in our environment point to the same accounts (the two systems replicate each other so users are accustomed to thinking that they are the same account).

I’m guessing that the gitshell username/password was getting confused about this… trying to use LDAP authentication but expecting the username to be ‘user1’. However, I could not use ‘user1’ as the username because that’s not the true LDAP username (it’s the gitlab account’s username that is associated with that LDAP login).