[SOLVED] How to enable signin after disable signin in the application setting

When I disable the signin and signup action in the application setting. I found I cannot signin the gitlab.

I cannot find how to enable the signin action.

I use the version: gitlab-ce_7.10.0~omnibus.2-1 on ubuntu 14.04.

Please, help!

If it’s so difficult to reconfigure this, maybe the function should be removed.

For future reader, disabling sign in will do exactly what you would expect it to do, it will disable sign in. Disabling setting is useful if you have any of the Omniauth or LDAP sign-ins available.

If this happens, open up console and edit the attribute:

sudo gitlab-rails console
ApplicationSetting.last.update_attributes(signin_enabled: true)
sudo gitlab-ctl restart

Thank you again! It works.

This setting seems to have changed… it’s useful if you need to recover the ability to log in locally should LDAP auth get buggered up and you have no other way to log in.

ApplicationSetting.last.update_attributes(password_authentication_enabled: true)