[Solved]Nonbudled nginx

OS: Ubuntu 14.04 -fresh install
Installed software (in order of install): nginx ufw fail2ban gitlab(packaged)
Gitlab version: 8.3

Steps takin: https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/omnibus-gitlab/blob/master/doc/settings/nginx.md#using-a-non-bundled-web-server
Commands: sudo usermod -aG gitlab-www www-data

Nginx is working. The default page from nginx install comes up without error. When going to the subdomain for gitlab nginx spits out a 404. I have modified the nginx conf provided in the link to have a domain name and no default_server tag. nginx started cleanly.

Edit: I installed nginx as root. While the working processes run under www-data the master runs under root. Adding root to the web_server[‘external_users’] got the page to pull up.