Some problems with my visibility in Group

Hello everyone

I have very strange problem , I created acount and stared to work in project,
When I clikc on my Project Link I will see the infrmation about my last commit.
So there is: (number of commit) (Information abut commit) · 17 minutes ago by Tom…

and when I run over the cursor on my name (Tomasz…) i will see some strange infromation instead of my email adress. It is very interesting because probably some time ago I use this strange information to make some keys but now I do not remember which.

So , to sum up. Please help me to find solution of removing it and replacing by my e-mail adress because it looks horrible and people think I have some problem with my hed :slight_smile:


Hi @ts.tomo. Does your local git log show the same information when you try the command in your repo:

git show <GIT_COMMIT_SHA>

The problem was in my local git settings, I do not know why but I made mistake during git installation. So I just had to change my local git email adress.