Sorry, this chat service is currently not supported by GitLab ChatOps


I’m following GitLab ChatOps integration with Slack. I’ve created a job definition and when I run /gitlab <app> run <job> in Slack, the job is kicked off but no reply is posted to Slack. Instead I get this message:

Sorry, this chat service is currently not supported by GitLab ChatOps.

I’m using free account.


Anyone got this working? Thanks :slight_smile:

Just upgraded to 11.9.0 and we have the same issue (using Mattermost though). Adding issues with ChatOps can be done, but using the run action does return the same notification as you. Using a false jobname like “word” gives a valid error:

‘The command could not be scheduled. Make sure that your project has a .gitlab-ci.yml that defines a job with the name “word”’

It is mentioned in the

/triggerword help


I see, however, that the job runs
BTW gitlab version: 11.9.0 EE, Mattermost version 5.7.0

Tested on 11.10.3, still same behaviour

Same here, i get the message in Mattermost (5.8.0) but the pipeline starts in GitLab (11.9.1 CE)

Also having this issue. Using Gitlab 11.9.4 and MM 5.9 in a Docker Swarm. We are using the official MM docker image and not MM that is included in the Omnibus package.

Our group is really excited about ChatOps finally being available for our level of Gitlab in 11.9 as we are trying to demonstrate additional value for Gitlab so I hope this gets fixed soon.

same issue here, if anybody here got it working I would love help.

Gitlab Omnibus on Debian (stretch), Mattermost 5.10 on separate server (not part of omnibus)

Same here. mattermost 5.10.0 and gitlab CE 11.10.1.

Are followings only for slack fix?

I have just tested with Mattermost 5.12 and GitLab 12.0.3, and the problem still exists

tested with Mattermost 5.24 and GitLab 11.11.8,can trigger pipeline, but cannot receive reply, issue reports

We do have ChatOps working just fine with Mattermost integration, but we do sometimes see this same issue as well. We found out what’s causing this: if the latest commit to the repository contains [skip-ci], then chatops doesn’t work and the bot responds with the exact same message. If you commit anything to the repo and then call your chatop command again, it works just fine.

I think there are 2 issues here: the skip-ci should not impact chatops commands and second, the bot message is misleading and should be changed.

I’m not sure where to report this so that it gets the attention of the developers.

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