Spam comment under snippet didn't deleted

I have created a snippet:

And immediately a spam comment posted:

I cannot delete this comment, i know that; and this user has been reported by others.

So I don’t understand what to do? I don’t want this spam message under my snippet? I couldn’t find a workaround and posted here.

I hope this is not the wrong place to post!


PS: Before someone asked, i also tried report abuse to admın link and that redirects me to this spammers gitlab page and I got this error message: Cannot create the abuse report. This user has been blocked.

Hello again! I still could not find a workaround for deleting this spam message under my snippet!

Anyone can help me or show me a way please?

Thank you.


Gitlab should really have an option on their support ticketing system to report abuse etc, and have such comments/spam removed.

I would suggest opening a ticket and try and get Gitlab to rectify it:

@dnsmichi @gitlab-team this really needs to be actioned and have spam comments/links removed when a user like this has been blocked, and perhaps a way for these options to be deleted by the owner/maintainer of public snippets, projects, etc.

Thank you. I am now opening a new ticket.

I also want to metion that a blocked user is now following me. It is obvious that user is malign and it is blocked now. But this account is still following me:

How can I get rid of these kind of spammers/malign accounts?

I’m not sure to be honest, other than reporting it to Gitlab. Github does allow you to block followers, so would assume it should be possible with Gitlab as well.

I don’t use SaaS in the sense that I have followers, so I cannot see if it’s possible or not to block someone. I mainly use my own private instance of Gitlab.

Hopefully the Gitlab Team will look at your ticket and sort it out. Unfortunately, us as forum community members are unable to do that.

Hello again,

Thank you Ian for your kind replies. I cannot block that user. It is already blocked by itself. I am waiting @gitlab-team to make a solution for this.

@iwalker should I open an issue for this? But I’ve already sent a ticket?

Yeah probably would be best, or add it to the original issue.

Can you delete the spam comment under this article as well?

When I reported it, the user was banned but the spam comment remained intact.

My issue is still there. Unfortunately I could not find a way to delete spam messages :confused:

BTW @desbest , I have opened an issue: