Specifying the runner access_level in the config file


I would like to register a runner on kubernetes but specify the access_level when registering the runner;
it’s not clear to me if this is possible with the gitlab runner helm chart.

I have a specific scenario in which we have VM based runners and we’re looking to transition to kubernetes runners; I have managed to register the k8s runners on a test system but on our dev system, I’d like to add the k8s runner as a protected runner which only gets triggered by tags. As such, it should not affect normal operation but we can introduce it and start testing etc on it. We can then figure out our migration path.

I see it’s possible to specific access level as a param to the gitlab-runner command, but it does not seem to be possible to specify this in teh config file. Is there a way to trigger it via the helm chart when registering a k8s based gitlab runner?

Thanks for any pointers,